Graphic showing energy procurement and delivery processPomona Choice Energy is your local, not-for-profit energy provider committed to bringing you low-cost, renewable electricity. While Pomona Choice Energy handles power procurement for enrolled customers, Southern California Edison (SCE) continues to deliver that power through its existing infrastructure to your home or business.

“While Pomona Choice Energy is an alternative to the standard investor-owned utility (IOU), we are pleased to collaborate with Southern California Edison to ensure our customers receive their energy through a timely and efficient process,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor.

When customers receive their monthly power bill, they will see charges from both Pomona Choice Energy and SCE. At first glance, it may appear there is an additional expense coming from Pomona Choice Energy, and customers may be concerned they are being double charged. But in fact, this is a distinction to break out the charges from Pomona Choice Energy, for purchasing the energy, and from SCE, for distributing it. Previously, SCE would lump both of these charges into a single line item on your bill. So despite the additional line with a charge from Pomona Choice Energy, you are not being charged an extra fee from our community choice aggregation (CCA) service. Visit Pomona Choice Energy’s “Understanding Your Bill” web page to learn more.