Pomona Choice Energy’s website serves as the most reliable source for accurate and helpful details about our programs. Read on to explore recent updates to our website and make the most of the information and resources available to customers.

What’s New?

Pomona Choice Energy offers a wide range of programs. All program information is available on the Customer Programs & Offerings webpage. The webpage includes information about residential and programs, as well as discount and rebate opportunities.

Each program includes a general description and a button where users can learn more. For instance, Pomona Choice Energy’s new Power Choice Program has a brand new webpage outlining how customers can benefit from a solar and battery storage system at home without the costs of maintenance and ownership. The page features enrollment instructions, a bill breakdown, FAQs and more!

More Resources

Beyond program information, the Pomona Choice Energy website hosts a range of other tools and resources, so customers can learn more about the CCA.

  • Understanding Your Bill: This interactive tool highlights every aspect of your energy bill so customers can see a detailed breakdown of charges and understand program costs.
  • Your Options Page: Pomona Choice Energy offers several energy plans for its residential and commercial customers. Find the one that is right for you and opt-up if you wish to receive 100% carbon-free energy for a modest price increase.
  • Joint Rate Comparison: Want to compare rates from Pomona Choice Energy and Southern California Edison (SCE)? This resource shows side-by-side rates for SCE and Pomona Choice Energy’s energy plans.
  • Newsletters: View Pomona Choice Energy quarterly newsletters from the past and sign up for future email communications.
  • Energy Efficiency Tips: Looking for ways to save energy and money? This page features seasonal tips and tactics to help you save on electricity costs.

Check out all these pages and more by visiting our website today at our webpage.