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Pomona Choice Energy offers competitive rates for cleaner power.

Pomona Choice Energy buys power from renewable sources for our customers and supply electricity through Southern California Edison (SCE) system. SCE continues to administer the billing. Pomona Choice Energy simply replaces their power generation charges with ours.

Pomona Choice Energy partners with SCE to give you a joint rate comparison as well as our power content.

The Pomona City Council sets Pomona Choice Energy rates annually, so you will have a steady, predictable outlook on your rates. You will have the satisfaction of working with a local provider, governed by local leaders whose interests are aligned with yours.

Adopted Rates

Time of Use Rates

Beginning in March 2022, SCE and POME will transition residential customers to Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan options based on when you use electricity.

Time-of-use (TOU) rates mean the price of energy varies based on the time of day. Peak hours vary by rate class but are generally defined as the hours between 4–9 PM. By shifting some electricity usage to non-peak hours when energy costs less (and is typically less polluting), you can lower your bill and support a healthier environment.

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