Pomona Choice Energy is proud to provide its customers with several plans to decide which clean energy option is right for them. One option is Pomona Choice 100 – our 100% renewable energy plan.

With Pomona Choice 100, you can guarantee your residence or business is completely powered by renewable energy. While our standard product, Pomona Choice, offers 38% renewable energy, Pomona Choice Energy’s Pomona Choice 100 rate plan offers customers the opportunity to opt-up to 100% renewable energy at a very affordable price.

Read on for a few FAQs about the Pomona Choice 100 program and learn how you can opt up today.

How much does Pomona Choice 100 cost?

Pomona Choice Energy is proud to offer competitive rates to its customers with all of its plans. To see the latest comparison between the average Pomona Choice Energy bill and the average bill from Southern California Edison, check out our Joint Rate Comparison page.

I already participate in Pomona Solar Choice, can I still opt up?

Yes! Customers enrolled in Pomona Solar Choice generate their energy using solar power through Net Energy Metering. However, there may still be times when Pomona Choice Solar customers need to use energy grid. Be sure you are using 100% renewable energy by opting up to Pomona Choice 100.

How do I opt up?

Opting up to Pomona Solar Choice is easy! All you need is your last energy bill from Southern California Edison and zip code. Visit our opt-up webpage and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need any assistance, please contact us at (909) 620-2079 or email CustomerService@PomonaChoiceEnergy.org.

For more information about Pomona Choice 100 and to opt up today, check out our webpage!