Pomona Choice Energy has partnered with Tesla Inc. and Participate.Energy to offer customers the Power Choice program. Customers who enroll will benefit from solar and battery storage, without the hassle of installing and owning a system. The Power Choice program allows current Pomona Choice Energy customers to lock in long term energy savings, with no upfront costs or credit check required.

“It is wonderful to see the Power Choice Program in action and already providing benefits for Pomona residents,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “I believe this program can help to truly transform the way our city is powered, not only making our community’s energy portfolio greener, but contributing to grid resilience in the short and long term.”

The Power Choice Program provides residents with myriad benefits, including:

  • Zero Upfront Cost: Customers can embrace on-site green energy production without a cost barrier.
  • Emergency Backup Power: The program offers the added advantage of emergency backup power, ensuring that homes remain powered during unexpected outages.
  • Cost-Competitive Rates: The program offers cost-competitive generation rates while offsetting transmission and delivery charges through maximizing the use of the battery, leading to savings on overall energy bills.
  • Rate Stability: Customers can lock in rates that provide certainty and consistent savings over time, enhancing financial stability.
  • Optional EV Charging and Remediation: Participants have the option to include universal EV chargers and minor site remediation, further enhancing the eco-friendly footprint of their homes.
  • Exceptional Service: Customers can expect a seamless experience and top-tier service throughout the program, with customer service provided by Tesla.
  • Residential Renters Program: Residential rental property owners and tenants now have the opportunity to access solar and battery storage systems with no upfront costs and simple process for transition to new tenants.

Tesla will install rooftop solar panels and Powerwall for program participants. Enrolled customers will only pay for the energy the system produces, and a monthly battery payment. Pomona Choice Energy will continue to serve as the power provider and customers will receive one monthly bill – exactly as they do now.

To learn more about the Power Choice Program and to sign up, visit the Power Choice page.