The Power Choice program, Pomona Choice Energy’s new solar and battery storage program, has officially launched and is now available for residential customers. But what exactly is a solar battery and why is it important? How does it work and what benefits does it provide?

What is a solar and battery storage system?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as advancing technology makes them more affordable and efficient. Installing solar panels at home is a great way to produce renewable energy, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

However, solar panels alone lack the ability to store energy. Without a battery, excess energy generated by solar panels goes to waste if not immediately used, leaving your home without power when the sun isn’t shining.

Why is battery storage important?

Solar batteries provide a solution to this challenge. Excess energy is stored in the battery, making the energy available during times when the sun isn’t shining and the system isn’t generating power.

All solar and battery storage systems follow the same basic process. Whenever the sun is out, solar panels generate electricity that gets used by the home. At any given time, if the solar system is generating more energy than the home is using, the surplus energy charges the battery, storing it for future use. Once the battery is fully charged, if energy production still outweighs usage, the excess energy will be sent back through the grid to the utility and credited to the customer under Southern California Edison’s current Solar Billing Plan. This ensures energy produced by the solar panels is never wasted and that residents are financially compensated for the surplus energy their system produces.

What are the benefits of a solar and battery system?

A solar and battery system provides a myriad of benefits to users. Of course, solar panels are the most popular and widely available energy source for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Installing a system is also a great way to save money on monthly electricity bills. Instead of being reliant on fluctuating market electricity rates tied to community demand, you can utilize the power stored in your battery during “peak hours” when electricity is most expensive. With a battery, the energy collected and stored throughout the day can be used during these peak hours, reducing your overall costs.

It also grants users a greater degree of energy independence. In the event of a blackout, an on-site solar battery can function as a backup power source, keeping the lights on even when the grid powers off. The Power Choice program gives residential customers a way to enjoy these benefits without the upfront cost of installing and owning a system. To learn more about the Power Choice Program and to sign up, visit the Power Choice page.