Tesla parked outside home with solar panels and Powerwall

Pomona Choice Energy has officially launched the Power Choice Program, bringing customers the opportunity to benefit from solar and battery storage without the upfront cost of installing and owning a system. The program is brought to customers through a partnership with the California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice), Tesla and Participate.Energy.

“We are very excited for the many ways the Power Choice Program will benefit Pomona Choice Energy customers,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “The program creates a more equitable model for green energy adoption, and ensures that everyone in Pomona can help contribute to grid resilience.” 

Tesla will install rooftop solar panels and Powerwall home batteries to existing Pomona Choice Energy customers at no upfront cost with no credit check required. These Powerwalls will allow homeowners to capture the green power generated on-site and utilize it, creating grid resilience and limiting transmission and delivery charges. Participants will only pay for the energy the system produces and a monthly battery payment. Pomona Choice Energy will continue to serve as the power provider and participants will receive one monthly bill – exactly as they do now. 

Additionally, through the incorporation of the Powerwall, enrolled customers will receive access to backup power during a Public Safety Power Shutoff or in emergency situations, ensuring customers can maximize the use of the solar energy generated by their home system. 

To learn more about the Power Choice Program and to sign up, visit the Power Choice Program webpage.