New Program For Commercial Customers: ClimateResponse Virtual Power PlantPomona Choice Energy is partnering with California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) and Olivine to offer large commercial customers an opportunity to join the ClimateResponse Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a program designed to help businesses save money on their energy bill by reducing energy consumption during periods of high demand. This decreases stress on the electrical grid, diminishing the risk of rolling blackouts and increasing overall grid resiliency.

“The ClimateResponse VPP is an exciting opportunity for Pomona businesses to play an important role in protecting our environment and power supply, while also improving their bottom line,” said Mayor Tim Sandoval. “We encourage Pomona Choice Energy’s nonresidential customers to join in on the effort to conserve energy while lowering their bills.”

The program, which runs until October 31, 2023, is structured so that participants are rewarded based on how much energy they save.  Qualified participants include large nonresidential customers (utility account holders for buildings where the electric loads are typically above 500 kW) that are able to temporarily adjust energy consumption.

During dispatch periods, which usually occur between 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM, enrolled customers will receive $2 per kilowatt-hour of verified incremental load reduction. Additionally, participants who exceed their Nomination Capacity, a pre-defined threshold of reasonable load reduction tailored to each business, will be awarded $1 per kilowatt for each hour of excess. 

The ClimateResponse VPP is entirely free to join, there are no penalties, and businesses will remain in complete control of their buildings and electricity at all times. This gives participants flexibility to reduce their energy when it works best for them. Energy can be saved in all kinds of ways – adjusting lighting, air-conditioning use, or the use of energy-intensive equipment. During the registration process, Olivine will provide additional energy reduction strategies well-suited to businesses. Developing these habits helps reduce energy bills long after the program comes to a close.

There’s still more than a month left before this program ends, and conserving energy is just as important as ever. To enroll in the program or to learn more, please visit Olivine’s website. If you have any other questions, please contact