Heart of the FoothillsOn April 23, in celebration of Earth Day, Pomona Choice Energy participated in the City of Pomona’s Heart of the Foothills event, which kicked off with an opening ceremony at Palomares Park. Pomona Choice Energy used the event as an opportunity to engage customers and ask for their input on green initiatives.

“Pomona Choice Energy is about the community,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor. “We want to keep our customers’ needs at the center of our program and appreciate their feedback and suggestions. Pomona Choice Energy looks forward to working on sustainable initiatives that our community believes in.”

During the event, customers expressed interest in increased electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and solar panels. Additionally, customers would like to see Pomona Choice Energy encourage reduced car use around the city and decreased energy use during peak hours.

Pomona Choice Energy plans to use customer feedback from the event to develop future community programs and green initiatives. Customers emphasized the importance of continuing to maintain a strong social media presence and distribute program information through flyers, mailers and newsletters, which Pomona Choice Energy will continue to do.

“Pomona Choice Energy wants customers to have a say in what community programs we build,” continued Sandoval. “As our program grows, we will continue to seek input from the community and build green, sustainable programs based on what is right for the community.”