Cal Choice All-Member Meeting Recap graphic - words on bannerThe California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) hosted its annual All-Member Meeting from November 1-3 in Santa Barbara. Each year, the event provides an opportunity for CalChoice associate members to gather for in-depth discussions about regulatory affairs affecting community choice aggregators (CCAs). Pomona Choice Energy was represented by Program Manager and Environmental Compliance Supervisor Julie Carver at this year’s event.

“The 2023 All-Member Meeting was a fantastic opportunity to connect with our fellow CalChoice CCAs and learn about the impactful energy programs in action across Southern California,” said Carver. “There are a lot of really exciting things happening in CCAs right now and it was a great experience to be with so many amazing people who are truly passionate about creating greener, cleaner futures for their communities.”

The meeting included a round-table discussion, where each CCA shared updates about new program victories and plans for the future. Pomona Choice Energy highlighted energy efficiency upgrades made throughout the community, such as ones recently made at the Palomares Park, and exciting upcoming projects, like the approaching launch of the Power Choice Program.

The meeting also provided a discussion about Credit Support hosted by Pacific Energy Advisors and was followed by a presentation from NRG, entitled, “Power Market Update.” Subsequent sessions covered regulatory and legislative updates, the Income-Graduated Fixed Charge (IGFC) policy and expansion plans for the Commercial Solar Plus Battery Storage program. Participate.Energy shared details about their partnership with Tesla to provide a new solar and battery storage progam, that will soon allow Pomona Choice Energy customers to install solar systems at their homes without upfront cost as a barrier.

“It was a great honor to partake in this meeting and I was once again reminded of how bright the future is for CCAs,” Carver continued. “Beyond learning about new programs and areas of focus for the coming year, I enjoyed rekindling relationships with colleagues and getting to know the new faces that are working behind the scenes to ensure our programs have the impact we strive for.”

Pomona Choice Energy is a proud member of the California Choice Energy Authority and looks forward to attending the 2024 CalChoice All-Member Meeting next year.