Eliminating vampire electricity is among the most effective ways to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint. Energy vampires are electronic devices and appliances that use power, even when they seem to be switched off. Examples include televisions, cable boxes, printers, computer chargers, toaster ovens, and the list goes on. These energy-hogging devices can account for up to 20% of your monthly electricity bill.

“The City of Pomona encourages residents to check their homes for vampire energy culprits and unplug them when possible,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor. “It’s a simple and easy process that will mitigate unnecessary expenses, while also improving the environment by minimizing energy waste.”

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the annual cost of vampire energy adds up to approximately $19 billion, or about $165 per household. Rather than wasting money on devices not in use, wouldn’t it be better if those savings were in your pocket? Beyond bringing on unnecessary costs, vampire energy waste contributes to 44 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas. Check out the tips below to cut vampire energy in your home and start saving on your electricity bill:

  1. Unplug electronic devices after use. This is a straightforward solution that will increase energy efficiency.
  2. Use power strips rather than plugging appliances into the wall. A power strip comes with an on/off button making it easier than ever to reduce vampire energy.
  3. Take advantage of the energy-saving features of your devices. For example, turn off your desktop or put it in “sleep mode” rather than leaving it on with an illuminated screen saver.
  4. Consider switching to energy-efficient devices or appliances that have an Energy Star label.

Following these best practices is a great way to save on energy costs in the new year. Even small devices can waste ample energy, and if you have several, the costs multiply quickly. Pomona Choice Energy is committed to providing the community with information and resources to improve energy efficiency. For more conservation tips and strategies to decrease your monthly bill, please visit Pomona Choice Energy’s website. https://pomonachoiceenergy.org/energy-savings/energy-efficiency-tips/