Energy bills can be complicated. Pomona Choice Energy’s user-friendly website tool helps customers understand their monthly charges. The resource features an interactive energy bill that allows customers to click on various components and view detailed definitions. The web-tool also features two informational videos, available in both English and Spanish.

“Pomona Choice Energy is committed to transparency, and part of that is making sure customers are acutely aware of what they are paying for,” said Pomona’s Mayor Tim Sandoval. “Energy bills are lengthy and can be difficult to digest. We hope our ‘understanding your bill’ resource makes it easier for customers to understand their charges.”

Pomona Choice Energy customers receive one bill each month. That bill includes charges from both Pomona Choice Energy and our partner Southern California Edison. The Pomona Choice Energy portion of the bill reflects the costs associated with procuring renewable energy for customers. SCE’s charges on the bill reflect the costs for delivering that power to the customer’s home or business. In other words, the customer’s total energy bill for the month is the sum of Pomona Choice Energy and SCE’s charges.

To be clear–customers are not being double charged or asked to pay an additional fee. The separate line items on each bill are simply to clarify the separate costs associated with each part of the procurement and delivery process.

View the Understanding Your Bill resource and learn more about your energy bill at