Pomona Choice Energy reminds customers to remain vigilant of potential imposters pretending to be Pomona Choice Energy. Pomona Choice Energy will never go door to door asking to enroll customers or install renewable energy products.

“Pomona Choice Energy is committed to protecting the privacy and safety of our residents,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor. “While we will do everything in our power to stop attempted scams, Pomona residents should continue to stay alert for fraudulent solicitors.”

Customers should know that Pomona Choice Energy does not sell any energy-related home improvement products. If approached by a “representative” saying they’re selling products on behalf of Pomona Choice Energy, customers should know the representative is an imposter and avoid further interaction.

In general, Pomona Choice Energy reminds customers to stay alert for cases of fraud by protecting their private information and not disclosing any security details, including social security numbers, credit card numbers, or family information to unknown people or parties. Likewise, do not immediately assume that all phone calls and emails are legitimate. Look for signs of fraud in the form of strange email addresses, unknown numbers, and awkward lettering.

Make sure to seek confirmation when someone claims to be an organization representative or affiliate. Conduct a quick Google background check, ask for a business card, or simply remain wary and dubious of certain claims. Remember to always trust your instincts if something seems amiss.

Always visit the Pomona Choice Energy website at PomonaChoiceEnergy.org for official information about programs and services.