Are you looking to save on your energy bill this winter? Pomona Choice Energy is here to help. By adopting a few simple tips, you can increase energy efficiency in your home and save money on your bill.

When you’re at home in winter months, set the thermostat at 68°F or lower, health permitting. Three to five percent more energy is used for each degree above 68°F set by the furnace. When you leave the house for work or to run holiday errands, if you know you will be gone for an extended period, set the thermostat to 56°F. By turning your thermostat back 10-15 degrees for 8 hours; you can save 5-15 percent a year on your heating bill. Additionally, if you have a fireplace, remember to turn down the heater when it’s in use; when it’s not in use, close the damper to prevent cold air from entering your home.

Another effective tip for regulating temperatures in your home to maximize energy efficiency is opening south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home. At nighttime, remember to close curtains, shades and blinds to prevent warm air from escaping.

While you’re implementing these practices, it is also a good idea to check around your home for any damage or issues that may be impacting your energy use. For example, make sure to seal air leaks and add caulk or weather stripping to seal doors and windows that may be letting in cold air.

“Small changes in daily behavior can make a large impact,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “Following these guidelines will ensure you are remaining energy efficient and will ultimately help customers save on their energy bills.”

For more energy efficiency tips, visit Pomona Choice Energy’s website.