What if I am grandfathered into SCE’s NEM 1.0 program?

Enrollment in Pomona Choice Energy’s NEM program will not affect the grandfathered status of NEM 1.0 customers. NEM 1.0 customers will continue to retain the grandfathered elements of the program after the switch, while also enjoying the Pomona Choice Energy’s Net Surplus Compensation rate.

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I am being charged monthly for my usage, so why am I not receiving a check at the end of the relevant period for what is in my escrow balance? – Net consumers

For the months that you have been receiving charges on your bill, it is due to the fact that you are a net consumer for those bill periods (+kWh). As a net consumer, you are using more kilowatt-hours than you are generating, so you are paying for the excess kilowatt-hours you consumed. This payment being

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Does Pomona Choice Energy offer a net energy-metering program for qualified solar electric and other distributed generation systems?

Yes. Customers who have been enrolled in Pomona Choice in October 2020, and subsequently install a qualified solar system, are eligible for the Pomona Solar Choice NEM program. Through our NEM program, customers with net energy metering systems have the opportunity to receive credits for future energy service and even receive cash back when their

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