Flex Alerts graphic with a warning sign and power lines

As we approach summer, Pomona Choice Energy encourages customers to prioritize energy conservation to help maintain a stable electricity grid and prevent potential rolling blackouts throughout the season.

Customers are encouraged to sign up for Flex Alerts. The voluntary calls for energy conservation are issued by the California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO), which is responsible for managing electricity flow across the vast majority of California, including Los Angeles County. 

Flex Alerts occur when energy demand exceeds supply. Under such circumstances, signed-up customers will get a text message from the CAISO notifying them that a Flex Alert has been activated. When they receive this text, customers may choose to reduce their own consumption, which will strengthen grid resilience, reduce the risk of a blackout and help them save on costs. Customers will always retain full control over their energy consumption. 

“Flex Alerts are an important way for our community to do its part to protect our grid stability and prevent local power outages during the summer season,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “As temperatures rise and demand for electricity grows, there is an increased strain on our energy infrastructure. Each one of us has the power to minimize the collective risk to our community by signing up for Flex Alerts and reducing our consumption during these time periods.”

Signing up for Flex Alerts is easy. Just visit FlexAlert.org and enter your email or phone number, and the CAISO will automatically notify you when a Flex Alert has been activated.

For more ways to save energy around the home during the summer, visit our website