Pomona Choice Energy – created by the City of Pomona specifically for residents and local businesses – offers the community a choice where there wasn’t one before. Our community choice aggregation (CCA) program provides an alternative to the investor-owned utility, Southern California Edison (SCE), giving customers the option to select renewable energy at competitive prices.

“Pomona Choice Energy began serving residential customers in October 2020 and extended service to commercial customers in June 2021,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor. “Since the program’s inception, our city staff has made it a priority to provide community members with comprehensive resources and relevant information so they can stay informed about how the program works.”

Pomona Choice Energy reminds customers that our website is the best place to find reliable information about our CCA program. The website features program benefits, energy plan options, price points, instructions about how to opt up, energy efficiency tips, and frequently asked questions.

Beyond the website, Pomona Choice Energy issues a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter contains articles about CCA program developments and other informational resources, such as tips for reducing energy consumption and electricity costs. In addition to the quarterly newsletter, Pomona Choice Energy publishes four social media posts per month on the City’s Facebook and Instagram channels to keep community members up to date on the program.

Pomona Choice Energy encourages community members to check out these resources. If you have questions that are not answered on the website, please reach out to Pomona Choice Energy’s Program Manager and Environmental Compliance Supervisor, Julie Carver: Julie.Carver@pomonaca.gov