As Pomona Choice Energy works to provide clean power at competitive rates, we’re proud to share a special offer from our partner, OhmConnect, to help customers save even more money this summer.

OhmConnect offers a free service that pays customers for the energy they don’t use. During Summer months, power demand tends to increase, putting a strain on California’s electricity grid. To limit energy consumption during peak hours, OhmConnect’s program provides rewards and incentives for customers who choose to reduce their power intake when it matters most.

“This program is a real win-win for Pomona residents,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “It helps the environment, their wallets and ultimately reduces pressure on our state-wide power grid.”

When you sign up, OhmConnect will notify you during the most critical hours in the week when electricity is most expensive. During those time frames, customers can choose to switch off energy-hogging devices to earn rewards for saving energy.

Not only can customers save up to 10% on electricity bills, but when they enroll and connect their utility, they will automatically receive a $10 cash reward as well as a smart thermostat for $0.99 (a value of $129.99) or two smart plugs. Participating will not affect customers’ utility plan and they can opt out at any time.

For more information about this special offer, visit OhmConnect’s website.