Pomona Choice Energy, the City of Pomona’s locally managed, community choice aggregation (CCA) program, celebrated its two-year anniversary on October 1, 2022. Pomona Choice Energy currently serves 36,092 residential customers and 5,116 commercial and industrial customers throughout the City.

“We’re proud to celebrate two years of offering the Pomona community clean power at competitive rates,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “Since its launch, our CCA program has helped customers save and continues to execute on innovative partnerships and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.”

Pomona Choice Energy offers customers three unique energy plans: Pomona Choice (38% renewable energy), Pomona Choice 100 (100% renewable energy) and Pomona Solar Choice (self-generated energy). With Pomona Choice Energy, Pomona residents and businesses have a choice where there wasn’t one before, offering an alternative to the local private utility.

Beyond offering customers various clean power options, in the past two years, Pomona Choice Energy has also expanded its partnerships and programs. For example, Pomona Choice Energy has partnered with Emporia and OhmConnect to provide Pomona residents with discounted energy-efficient devices to conserve power, lower electricity bills and benefit the environment.

In the future, Pomona Choice Energy will reinvest program revenues back into the community to fund renewable infrastructure projects and develop new sustainability programs. For instance, Pomona Choice Energy looks forward to installing EV charging stations at Palomares Park in the future.

“Pomona Choice Energy’s two-year anniversary is a significant milestone,” continued Sandoval. “It’s been exciting to watch the program flourish, and we look forward to its ongoing success in the coming years.”