Pomona Choice Energy, created by the City of Pomona specifically for residents and local businesses, is proud to be your energy provider. Our community choice energy program is one of 25 in California, all of which focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ongoing dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

Beyond making an environmental impact, our CCA offers a new revenue stream for funding community projects. Revenues generated by the program are reinvested in the City to build sustainable infrastructure and fund innovative energy programs, rather than being turned into profits for private utility companies.

Pomona Choice Energy purchases power on behalf of customers while Southern California Edison (SCE) continues to deliver that power through its existing power lines and bills you. Pomona Choice Energy does not add an extra charge to your electricity bill. Moreover, customers enrolled in financial assistance programs through SCE, including CARE, FERA, and Medical Baseline discounts, continue to receive those benefits.

Pomona Choice Energy began serving residential customers in October 2020 and extended service to commercial customers in June 2021. Since its launch, our community choice aggregation program continues to offer clean energy at competitive rates.

“The City of Pomona is pleased to offer residents and businesses the option to invest in renewable energy plans that best-fit their needs,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor. “We have three separate programs or options available, allowing customers to decide how much clean energy they receive and what price they will pay.”

With Pomona Choice Energy, you are eligible for one of the following three plans: Pomona Choice (38% renewable energy), Pomona Choice 100 (100% renewable energy) and Pomona Solar Choice (self-generated energy).  Visit Pomona Choice Energy’s website to learn more about the CCA program, your options, billing rates, energy conservation tips and more.