To help customers better understand their energy bill, Pomona Choice Energy has added a simple and user-friendly tool to its website: Understanding Your Bill. The new resource consists of an interactive energy bill that allows customers to click on various bill components and view detailed definitions, including two informational videos. 

“Our goal is for customers to see their bill and know exactly what they’re paying for,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “Energy bills can be lengthy and complicated, but we hope our new tool makes it much easier for customers to understand their charges.” 

While Pomona Choice Energy now purchases energy on behalf of residents and businesses of Pomona, Southern California Edison (SCE) continues to deliver electricity through their power lines and handle billing, meaning customers will continue to receive one bill each month. The bill includes both Pomona Choice Energy and SCE’s charges. 

The Pomona Choice Energy charge reflects the cost of the electricity that a customer used throughout the month; this amount includes the cost of creating electricity before SCE delivers it to a home or business. Pomona Choice Energy’s charge is not an additional fee; it simply replaces SCE’s charges for the same service. SCE’s charge includes the costs of delivering electricity. More specifically, the amount includes the cost of moving electricity from energy sources to a customer’s home or business.

The sum of Pomona Choice Energy and SCE’s charges amounts to a customer’s total energy bill for the month and should be paid directly to SCE. To keep billing simple, Pomona Choice Energy partners with SCE so that customers only receive one bill.

View the Understanding Your Bill resource and learn more about your energy bill at