Attention Pomona Choice Solar customers! You may have noticed that at the end of each month, Southern California Edison (SCE) distributes a statement summarizing the amount of solar energy you used versus generated. This is not a bill. Instead, it is a calculation to show you how much clean power your system is supplying to California’s electricity grid.

“The Pomona Choice Solar program rewards customers who produce their own energy through financial incentives and rebates,” said Mayor Tim Sandoval. “These dedicated community members are helping the environment and stabilizing electricity demand.”

Each year, at the end of the 12-month relevant period, Pomona Choice Solar customers true-up their balances with SCE. The annual true-up process involves reviewing the monthly statements to determine the amount of solar energy you used versus generated. Based on that calculation, you may be eligible for an energy credit from Pomona Choice Energy.

If you consumed more energy than you produced, you will be charged proportionally on your next bill; however, if you were a Net Surplus Generator or produced more energy than you used, you will be compensated at the Net Surplus Compensation rate of $0.06 per kWh. Pomona Choice Energy will distribute surplus credit payments by check.

Pomona Choice Energy thanks you for installing solar panels to help the environment and promote our climate action goals. Your efforts have an impact and directly reduce dependence on harmful fossil fuels. Pomona Choice Energy appreciates your commitment to increasing California’s renewable energy supply. Our net metering program is designed to reward customers like you for your contributions.

If you are interested in generating solar energy or are considering it, visit Pomona Choice Energy’s website to learn more: