General Questions

How does Pomona Choice Energy partner with Southern California Edison?

Pomona Choice provides electric generation, which is the source of your power, but Southern California Edison continues to provide electric delivery and billing services just as they always have. Southern California Edison still owns and reads your electric meter, sends your monthly bill, and provides the same maintenance and other repair services they always have.

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How does it work?

The short answer is, Pomona Choice Energy provides your electricity and SCE delivers it. In more detail, we supply power to homes and businesses with an opportunity to opt up to 100% renewable energy. Our partner, SCE, continues to do the billing, maintains the power lines, and handles all new service and emergencies.

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What is Pomona Choice Energy?

Pomona Choice Energy is the new, locally controlled electricity provider in the City of Pomona. We provide the energy for you (this is known as “generation”) and our charge replaces what Southern California Edison would have charged. Southern California Edison still delivers the power over their lines and wires and continues to charge you for

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