What if I am grandfathered into SCE’s NEM 1.0 program?

Enrollment in Pomona Choice Energy’s NEM program will not affect the grandfathered status of NEM 1.0 customers. NEM 1.0 customers will continue to retain the grandfathered elements of the program after the switch, while also enjoying the Pomona Choice Energy’s Net Surplus Compensation rate.

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Does Pomona Choice Energy offer a net energy-metering program for qualified solar electric and other distributed generation systems?

Yes. Customers who have been enrolled in Pomona Choice in October 2020, and subsequently install a qualified solar system, are eligible for the Pomona Solar Choice NEM program. Through our NEM program, customers with net energy metering systems have the opportunity to receive credits for future energy service and even receive cash back when their

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Can I return to Pomona Choice Energy after I opt out?

Customers who opt out before starting Pomona Choice Energy service or within the first 60 days of our service may return at any time. Customers who opt out after the first 60 days of service with Pomona Choice Energy will be prohibited by Southern California Edison from returning to Pomona Choice Energy for one year.

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How do I opt out?

If you have received an enrollment notice, you can choose to opt out now. If you have not received a notice yet, but have your SCE customer account number available I can check your status. While we do not want to lose you as a customer, you always have the choice to opt out. If

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Why is Pomona Choice Energy enrollment automatic and why do I have to opt-out in order to stay with Southern California Edison?

Part of California’s CCA law requires Pomona Choice Energy to operate as an opt-out program and become the default provider of electric generation for customers within our service area. Customer choice is very important to us. We provide four written notices to our customers so that you can choose where your electricity comes from and

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Why did I receive this letter/postcard from Pomona Choice Energy?

The letter/postcard is a notification that your account is now eligible for Pomona Choice Energy service and you can choose between Pomona Choice Energy and Southern California Edison. We are now the default provider and all customers who elect to remain with Pomona Choice Energy will begin receiving our default Pomona Choice energy product. State

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Why was I enrolled into Pomona Choice Energy?

Historically, Southern California Edison has been the default power provider to most customers. However, in 2002 when state legislators passed California’s Community Choice Aggregation law, this default status was transferred from Southern California Edison to local community choice programs like Pomona Choice Energy. You now have the power to choose who provides your energy, Pomona

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