What is Community Choice Aggregation?

When California deregulated the energy market in 1997, many Californians switched to alternative energy providers. Following the energy crisis of 2000-01, consumer choice of electricity providers was suspended. As a response to the closing of the open market, Assembly Bill 117 was passed in 2002 to establish Community Choice Aggregation, which offers an opportunity for

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When was Pomona Choice Energy formed?

Pomona Choice Energy was formed in 2019 and we plan to launch services in October for the City of Pomona for all municipal and residential, non Net Energy Metering accounts. Other Commercial Accounts will enroll in June 2021, and Net Energy metering accounts will enroll in October 2021.

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When did Pomona Choice Energy begin serving customers?

We will begin serving all municipal and residential accounts, without rooftop solar, in October 2020 for the City of Pomona. Per state law, we must contact our customers in writing a minimum of four times to notify them that they will soon begin receiving Pomona Choice Energy electric service. We will do this via mail.

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