Looking for simple ways to increase energy efficiency? Many California residents are, especially as electricity prices continue to rise. Pomona Choice Energy encourages you to adopt the following tips to lower the cost of your energy bill and help the environment.

When doing laundry, always do a full load and use cold water. Using cold water decreases energy use significantly because water-heating makes up about 90% of energy used by laundry machines. After washing, air dry your clothes by hanging them outside if the weather is warm. If it is cold, dry full loads of laundry in your dryer. Whenever possible, dry several loads consecutively. Using your dryer back-to-back saves energy because the dryer doesn’t have to warm up each time. Always remember to clean the lint trap in your dryer before pressing “start” and add a tennis ball or clean, dry towel to improve air circulation and reduce drying time.

Outside of the laundry room, there are other ways to improve energy efficiency in your home. Turn off and unplug all electronic devices not in use. This includes appliances such as TVs, DVD players, computers, phone chargers, coffee makers and more. Unplugging these devices takes just seconds but can substantially reduce your energy bill. Always remember to turn lights off when you exit a room. You can also use dimmer switches or timers on your lights that will automate your electricity consumption.

Decreasing the amount of water you use will also lower your energy costs. There are small steps you can take daily that can have a large cumulative effect on your net energy consumption. Don’t leave hot water running. Always remember to turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing dishes. If you are looking to decrease your water consumption substantially, install energy-saving shower heads, faucets and flow restrictors.

“Increasing your energy efficiency does not need to be expensive or difficult,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “In fact, saving on your electricity bill can be a simple and cheap process.”

For more energy efficiency tips, visit Pomona Choice Energy’s website.